Between a rock and a hard place

The legality of Christmas decorations
November 2, 2007, 12:27 pm
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I recently found out that these tiny little silver balls, Silver Dragees, my favorite christmas cookie decoration from my childhood, are in some state, illegal. Now this leads me to wonder;

Who in the hell has the time to take confectioners to court, over the toxicity of a silver colored ball about a 1/16″ of an inch wide? I surely don’t.

But apparently there is some lawyer in California who does, frequently. According to this article these tiny pieces of nostalgia, are not only not sold, but the baker’s supply places that sell them, this ‘gentleman’ regularly sues!

How ridiculous. Yes, I agree you should not melt down your grandmother’s good silver, and serve it as soup. However the amount of silver found in these things x the amount of them you eat in a lifetime= Not enough to do any damage.

Seriously folks, who makes Christmas tree shaped cookies, and doesn’t use these things for a little pizazz?

Thank you California for spending your time fighting the use of cookie decorations. Good job guys.

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