Between a rock and a hard place

Use your words……
November 30, 2007, 7:23 pm
Filed under: life, love, thoughts

i am not: ready to get old.
i hurt: when I can’t figure things out on my own
i love: rainy days spent in my pjs♥
i hate: when people think I’m not capable of doing things on my own
i hope: I’ve found what it takes for me to be happy
i hear: The node humming
i crave:financial stability
i regret: nothing…. I live with my heart, so I don’t have anything to regret.
i cry: when I’m overwhelmed….
i care: about my family
i always: think about all the ‘What ifs….’
i long to: have a home and a family
i feel alone: sometimes at night
i listen: to anyone who needs me to listen
i hide: behind myself sometimes
i drive: a Toyota Camry with duct tape on the bumper
i sing: all the time, no matter who is listening.
i dance: anywhere, with everyone
i write: stories of my future in my mind
i breathe: in air, and try to breathe out in color.
i play: at work!
i miss: having my family in the same state
i search: for things to make my life more meaningful and interesting
i learn: everything and anything I can
i feel: determined.
i know: I am capable, and strong
i say: what I mean and whatever I’m thinking
i succeed: at whatever I put my mind to
i dream: in riddles
i sleep: on dark blue sheets the softness of a favorite old t-shirt
i wonder: how the rest of my life will turn out …
i want: to be happy forever
i worry: at the drop of a dime
i have: Spunk!
i give: whatever I have to give.
i fight: for my beliefs
i wait: for things I want to go on sale before I buy them
i need: Sneakers
i am: doing OK.
i think: too much
i can’t help the fact that: I don’t always have the confidence in myself I should
i stay: realistic.

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