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Whats in a name
December 7, 2007, 1:03 am
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Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

1. I was named after my father, but really my mother had always wanted to name her daughter Danielle, it just so happened she married a man named Daniel, which was fine, because then she could tell him it was because she was naming her first born after him.

2. I don’t have a real middle name, its just a letter, ‘B’. Danielle B. No it doesn’t stand for anything, its not short for Bertha, Brianna, Beatrice, Brenda, Brittany, or any other b things you can come up with. Its just a letter.

3. In reference to the last factoid, my father is also. Daniel B. I frequently get my fathers mail and vice versa.

4. When I made my confirmation my grandfather promised to buy me my first car if I took Bertha as my confirmation name. I was young and stupid and well lets just say I didn’t get the car.

5. I’ve never went by anything else than ‘Dani’ my whole life. No one really ever calls me Danielle. And I rarely answer to it.

6. When those stupid e-mails lists with the “combine your mother’s middle name, with your fathers middle name to get your witness protection name'” come around. I still come up with Danielle B. Not a great Witness Protection Program name for me.

7. When I was little my dad used to call me ‘Chicky’. I miss hearing this more, than I miss most things.

8. I refuse to name my children after myself, in any facet. So after me there won’t be anymore Danielle/Daniel B’s running around this piece.

9. When my father was born everyone thought he was going to be a girl, so they planned on naming him Dorothy Beatrice, when it was a boy. No one had a name, so he went nameless until someone just said name him Daniel B. And we’ll call him Boone. Thats where the B originated.

10. No his, B does not stand for Boone. Nor is he Daniel Boone. He does look like a wild frontier man sometimes though.

11. My father tells people that my B stands for bitch and his for bastard. Neither is true.

12. 95% of my life is spent letting people know that in fact my name is not spelled ‘D-A-N-N-Y’. Because I’m a girl

13. I only ever knew one other Dan, besides my dad and I until I went away to college, at which point I literally now know at least a dozen.

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