Between a rock and a hard place

Life list
December 24, 2007, 2:18 am
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Places to Go & Things to see:

1. Sicily
2. Mainland Italy
3. Stonehenge
4. Easter Island to see the Easter Island Heads
5. Abbey Road
6. London
7. The Taj Mahal
8. The Egyptian Pyramids
9. A tiger in the wild
10. North and South Poles
11. Amsterdam
12. The Nile River
13. Mt. Everest

Things to accomplish:

1. Marriage to 1 person for life
2. Being a mother, a good, loving, caring, there for you through everything mother.
3. My Bachelor’s degree
4. Jump out of a plane
5. Hot air balloon ride
6. Speak Italian well enough
7. Finish my Scuba certification
8. Become certified for CPR
9. Licensed to shoot a handgun
10. Able to shoot a bow and arrow to a bullseyes
11. Beat my mother in a game of pool
12. Attend the summer olympics
13. Attend the winter olympics
14. Work on a broadway show
15. Open a bakery
16. Create a family cookbook
17. Not have to look at a recipe to bake a cake from scratch
18. Learn to play an instrument, any instrument
19. Knit a blanket
20. Document every year of my life, so I have a story to tell
21. Do not grow old before I say so
22. Still be awake to see the sunrise 100 more times in my life
23. Design my dream home, build it, live the rest of my life out in it, pass it down to my children
24. Taste true italian food
25. Taste a black truffle
26. Learn to cook my grandfather’s fried chicken
27. Straddle the Equator
28. Straddle the Prime Meridian
29. Visit all 50 States
30. Visit every country in Europe
31. Fly in a Helicopter
32. Learn to Salsa Dance
33. Learn to Swing Dance
34. Learn to Tango
35. Do stand up comedy at an amateur night.

To Be Continued…

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