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Go big green
January 22, 2008, 7:57 pm
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I just read a post over at about the advent of Whole Foods starting to discontinue plastic bags. I think its a great idea. What annoyed me about this article, is the fact that some many people are whining about how, they will no longer have garbage bags, or any way to carry their lunch to work, or to empty their litter boxes into. Now seriously people. I have a garbage can that needs garbage bags, I get garbage bags, and when this box of bags is gone I plan on buying biodegradable bags, I take my lunch to work with me every day. In a lunch box, or one of my smaller grocery bags, no need for a plastic bag from the grocery store, and lastly I have a dog, who pardon the expression, poops. And you know what I have little biodegradable bags in a little dog bone attached to his leash.   So people stop whining. Go out and buy the biodegradable kind of bags, bring your grocery totes to the store with you, and help out.   

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No excuse not to at least recycle the bags. I dig Ikea. They’ll still give you plastic bags but you have to pay for them.

Comment by Chris

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