Between a rock and a hard place

Stand clear of the closing doors, please….
January 23, 2008, 7:47 pm
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Today I spent my life on the subway. 12 total rides on the subway today (thank god for unlimited MetroCards). And people I’ve got to tell you, I really don’t like this many New Yorkers in a constant stream for 8 hours.  The following are my findings: 1) If you get on at one end of the train, and spot a seat all the way at the end of the train, it is in fact NOT polite to plow through everybody like you’re trying out for a spot on the New York Jets.  2) I was on all variations of train, the very very old (R), the very old (6), the old (1), the newish (5), and the awesome brand new ones (N). The very very old style, are longer train cars, that are wider, with more seats, and hold a hell of a lot more people. Why did we venture away from this design? Why not just upgrade the features??? 3) Business men are by far the meanest people to contend with during rush hour commute.  4) It’s silly to not be able to swipe your unlimited card again for another 20 minutes. A lot of my errands for work, were quick little in and out things. Meaning I had to stand there and wait til I could swipe it again. I understand the reason is so that people don’t just pass back the card. But how about 10 mins MTA??? Help a lady out. And lastly 5) I love the “Bing-Bong” guy. Its this guy who can mimic the announcements and door closing chimes exactly. I don’t mind him because he asks for food and not money. Which I’ll readily hand over to him. I see him probably once a week. He makes me laugh, and a good time is had by all.  There you have it, Subway Findings #1. More to follow 

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this shit cracked me up 🙂 i heart the new n trains.

Comment by Enrique

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