Between a rock and a hard place

I said Brrrrrr, its cold outside…
January 24, 2008, 10:34 pm
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Dear Mr. Landlord who I have never seen and whose name I do not know but my management company tells me exists,  

In the 8 months that Mr. Wonderful and myself have lived in this apartment we have always paid our rent on time every single month. We have not complained about our leaky sink, our windows that don’t stay open, or the mass quantity of bugs that we see randomly crawling through our cabinets, requiring us to wash our dishes before we use them. We are in fact one of only 3 apartments that I have not had a LATE PAYMENT notice  posted on their door every. single. month. I really like our little 2br apartment here 2 blocks from the Bronx Zoo. 

 I do not however like that I have not had a hot shower in about 5 days. In case you haven’t noticed, it is about 20 degrees outside. My job is not cooshy. It involves hard labor. Is it so much to ask for a shower above the temperature of a glass of water that has sat on the counter for an hour? I really don’t believe it is.  

We didn’t even complain when we arrived home on Christmas to frigid ice cold water, or that our tub leaks non stop. Hell I’ve even stopped minding the 5 flights of stairs that I must venture up to get to my shower. All I want is a hot shower. Complete with steamy windows, a fogged up mirror, and wrinkly fingers.    


DaniApt. 5C 

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Ouch. Hope you get your hot water back soon!

Comment by Chris

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