Between a rock and a hard place

Dani is getting all growed up….
February 27, 2008, 9:29 am
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The company that I have been working for in my last semester of college has offered me a full time position come May.. Salary, benefits, the whole nine yards. The idea was proposed to me on Thursday of last week.

I replied that I was interested but needed some time to consider my options. They were fine with that response and we left it at that. When I walked in Monday morning, immediately following “Good Morning”, was “Have you made your decision yet?”. I stared at him blindly, and managed to stumble out something like ‘Ummm no, I wasn’t aware this had to be an immediate response’. At which point I was asked to have one by Friday.

<insert freaking out here>

So now I am left to make a slightly life altering decision by Friday, which is in, oh 2 days! As I’ve mentioned before, I have some other offers on the table. And well here they are:

 -Local 1 Union Stagehand (I’d be a wrench slinger for a little while, which is something I’m not interested in long term, however this would be the fastest way to pay off my tens of thousands of student loan debt, also it would provide a long term job pool)

– The lighting design firm I work for currently( I love this company, and all of the people in it. Its a truly great place to work. However, its been made clear to me that, they won’t be able to come anywhere near the price range my first option can. Meaning its going to increase the amount of time it takes to pay off afformentioned loans. Also I think I would be able to return to this company later, option 1 is a one shot deal)

– And finally the “Once in a lifetime shot” I mentioned previously  is a European tour with this dance company that I’ve been working with on weekends.  (This is not a permanent job, it doesn’t really offer stability. But, who doesn’t want a chance at an all expenses paid, plus getting paid month+ long trip to Europe???)

My thoughts on all of this, is that I would like to have financial stability As.Soon.As. Possible. And having that would make me a lot less stressful. So I think attaining that is a priority. That being said, its not certain how soon after graduation the apprenticeship will come up. So I don’t want to turn this offer down, only to have no job come May 17th. However I don’ t want to accept the offer, and then two weeks after graduation have the union call and have to turn in my two weeks notice….

What would you do????

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