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Just your basic efficiency
March 19, 2008, 9:05 pm
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Warning! I am about to toot my own horn.  I am rather efficient when it comes to completing projects I’m handed at work. Apparently a little too efficient. Chris over at Rude Cactus  asked what his readers normal days are like.My day is as followed 5:46 AM: Alarm goes off5:48AM: Grumble and get the hell out of bed.5:50AM: Make Chris and my lunches, eat breakfast6:20AM: Walk Black Jack, grumble about the five flights of stairs, drag Black Jack away from the Chihauha that taunts him every morning6:35AM-7:05AM: Try and get together everything Mr. Wonderful will need to start dinner since he gets home an hour before I do.7:10AM: Trick Black Jack into getting into his crate7:15AM-8:40AM: Walk to the subway–> Travel to Work 8:45AM: Get to work set up my computer9:00AM-9:30AM: Check e-mail, basecamp, blogs9:30AM-10AM: Field whatever menial task someone has thrown my way10Am: Get growled at when I am requesting something further to do, get given yet more menial, ten minutes tasks. 11AM:  Meeting12PM: Pretend to check my email1PM-Lunch1:30PM-Check the 50 e-mails I got while at lunch2PM: Return a bunch of phone calls3PM:Pretend to check email4PM-5PM: Try to rush through fixing all of the things that came up right before I get to leave for the day 5:05PM: Leave work6:15PM: Get Home6:30-7PM: Dinner and dishes7PM-Shower if we have hot water11PM: Go to bed  Lather, rinse, repeat 

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