Between a rock and a hard place

Time marches on to the tune of the wedding march.
June 24, 2008, 7:37 pm
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Over the past weekend, one of my best friends from high school got married. The first one of our clan. And while I talk to the rest of them only very rarely, it seems so strange to me that anyone that I hung out with every day, is taking the next step in life.


Someone said to me recently that the celebration of graduating college should be at your own personal moment of realization. It seems to me that I haven’t really yet had that ‘realization’. But her wedding was just so surreal. It was like it wasn’t happening, until it was.


Does anyone else have this feeling that life is just sort of going on around them? Until all of a sudden something is happening, and you’re snapped back into real life only to find yourself ten steps farther ahead in life than you were, with no real recollection of how you got there. Like you too a nap when you were 6 and now you’re 22. 

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all. the. time.
i was just thinking about this the other day – i completely fail to notice that life is happening until it’s already happened. i’m not a fan.

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