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Dear 2009
January 28, 2009, 6:22 pm
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Apparently, you little missy, did not get the memo. 2009 was the year that was supposed to change things, turn life around, in short, 2009 was not supposed to suck. 


So much, so soon, anyway. 


I am less than 30 days into this new found year we have laid out in front of us, and yet 2009 has claimed 2 lives so far. You see this morning, I was informed that my grandfather’s son, had passed on, under his own free will. 


I’ve never been able to grasp the concept of suicide. It seems like such a foreign idea, how can one willingly, take their own life? How do you get stuck in a one way elevator going down until you see no light, and lose hope? I understand entirely that people have problems and issues that I don’t, can’t, will never understand. But the answer to me would never be suicide. There always has to be a way out of whatever mess you’re in, it may not be the easiest, shortest, most beautiful route, but isn’t it better than a one way boat ride down the River of Acheron? 


I know I will take heat for the following statement, and so be it, but I’ve always seen suicide as sort of, well, selfish. This man, left behind a beautiful wife, and a 13 year old son. 


Keep his family and mine in your prayers. Please.

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My littlest sister went through some aweful stuff as a teenager, and my mom kept a close eye on her. She admitted that she had indeed contemplated suicide, but could not put them (mom and dad) through that.

Comment by moneymatekate

I’m so sorry for your loss.

And for the record, I completely agree with your sentiments about suicide. A terrible, selfish thing.

Comment by Sara

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