Between a rock and a hard place

Oink. Oink.
May 20, 2009, 5:28 pm
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In watching the news this evening I heard a lot of coverage about the swine flu, or I’m sorry, rather the H1N1 virus, which I will so very lovingly refer to from here on out ‘The Oink, Oink’. A lot of parents talked about how they think their children’s schools should be closed, and a school nurse that said, so many children have fevers and are showing symptoms that she can’t handle all the cases. 


Now I’m sure no one wants to hear my opinion, bu- Oh you do? Great I was going to give it to you anyway. So here it is.


About 36,000 people die from regular old run of the mill flu every year. The oink oink has taken 8 lives. And while those 8 lives were truly valuable, the other 29, 992 lives that regular influenza took were just as valuable. 


The man from the Department of Communicable Diseases in New York City, just said the following: ” Since we’ve never seen this virus before, no one has immunity to it, so it will spread”   What the panicking masses just heard was “We are all going to get swine flu!!!!!”


And secondly, to that I say Dr. Weiss we have in fact seen swine flu before. Back in 1976 there was an outbreak, and you know how it was dealt with back then? The same way its being dealt with now. Over dramatics and fear inducing information. PANIC WE ALL MUST PANIC NOW!! 


Observe the following PSA circa 1976 in response to the potential swine flue epidemic. 



My favorite moment of that you ask? ‘ But Dottie had a heart condition so she died’


As of this very moment in this country of billions The oink oink has 5,170 confirmed cases, and 41 serious cases, as well as the aforementioned 8 deaths. 304, 059,724 people. Which means the percentage of people with swine flu are .0017%  of our population. 


We need to just stop panicking. And just breathe.

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