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July 5, 2009, 7:10 pm
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Pictures to come of house, and home. But til then let me just regale you with the following pictures

First is my seriously redneck barbeque grill. Which my grandfather salvated over, and then asked me if next time he came up, “Could I operate it?”. And then went on to tell me he did have the experience with such a set-up. I let him know that I was in fact not looking for his grilling resume, and yes Pop-Pop you can operate it.

And then there was this, which mi Madre also provided us with. Ours is different and nicer than this one, I just couldn’t find a picture of it. We’ve eaten outside every night.

Followed by one of these

Which again my mom, hauled along with her, because she is le-awesome.

Anyway, pictures of house and home to come. Til then I am le tired. And I must sleep.

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I love tables set with mosaic or tile – I’ve always wanted to steal one from a Mexican restaurant (they always seem to have them). I hope your real set has more comfortable chairs than this. Can we say “Grid Ass”?

Thanks so much for putting up with me on Saturday!

Comment by moneymatekate

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