Between a rock and a hard place

January 25, 2009, 7:21 pm
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In response to my last post about helping out the kids over at the Teen Shelter, I sucked it up and offered up my help to the woman that gave me the idea in the first place, MoneyMateKate since she was interested in cooking for the kids, but wasn’t comfortable with cooking for a lot of people at once. 


A little to my surprise ( I expected her to think I was daft really) she agreed, and the plan is for her and I to meet at the shelter one night and cook up some num nums for the kids. I. Can’t. Wait.


To those of you who responded to the post or the email I sent out looking for some help, once I figure out what the deal is, I’ll send another mass email out and we can figure out a date that works for people and head on down to 36th street. 


It feels good to be able to do something for the community other than just signing over a check. I like the getting my hands dirty behind this. 


Updates to follow


If all goes as planned…

If you know me, you’ll be getting some of these  And then some of this  


For Christmas. But not Apricot, and it’ll have a funnier label. I’m canning things for Christmas. I just have too large a family to buy for everyone. Last year they got homemade olive oil and vinegar. This year, pickles and jam.