Between a rock and a hard place

Suddenly I woke up

and I had  reached the age where one starts to have serious conversations about weddings, mortgages, when/if one wants to have children, and maybe we should start saving for a down payment?

Oh and hey we’re in a ridiculously unstable industry, have you ever thought about what you might want to do if the entertainment industry goes entirely to shit?



For the record the answers to those questions are as follows


October 4th, 2008

We can’t afford one

Not right now and at least 5 years from now so my Union annuity is vested and I don’t lose it

Um yes we friggan should, as soon as we meet with the Wells Fargo guy

And um Mr. Wonderful has never thought about it. And I want to cook


Hand over your time and/or groceries
January 24, 2009, 5:54 pm
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So there is this Homeless Teen Shelter in Manhattan. It helps out runaways or kids that have been kicked out, mainly LGBT teens.
I’ve been thinking about donating some time and/or groceries for awhile now, but frankly I’m a wimp and haven’t wanted to go it alone. They exist solely on donations from people and the food bank of New York, but lately the food bank has stopped handing out things like milk, eggs, produce, etc. Each week on their yahoo group page they post a list of items needed for the week, things like groceries, or socks, pillow cases, specific clothing items the kids need for job interviews, school supplies, money for a fee needed to get a birth certificate etc. 
A few weeks back they asked if people would be interested in coming in with groceries and maybe cooking dinner for the kids, which is really what I’d like to do, but referring back to my ridiculous “Oh my god the 15 year old might think I’m lame!!!” paranoia I’m looking for a little back up support on this one. I know money/time/love for me 🙂 is tight right now, so if you all think I’m out of my mind, I may in fact need to get over myself and go it alone. 
But if you think maybe you’d be interested in helping me and these kids out for a night then I’ll buy the groceries, and bring my cooking for the masses  know how and meet you there, and we’ll give them something other than rice and beans. I’d be interested in doing this more than once so lemme know!
Let me know if any of y’all are interested, think I suck, can’t be bothered, or would have a fear of 15 year olds yourself and would rather just hand over a box of pasta to help my quest. 
Thanks guys!