Between a rock and a hard place

Suddenly I woke up

and I had  reached the age where one starts to have serious conversations about weddings, mortgages, when/if one wants to have children, and maybe we should start saving for a down payment?

Oh and hey we’re in a ridiculously unstable industry, have you ever thought about what you might want to do if the entertainment industry goes entirely to shit?



For the record the answers to those questions are as follows


October 4th, 2008

We can’t afford one

Not right now and at least 5 years from now so my Union annuity is vested and I don’t lose it

Um yes we friggan should, as soon as we meet with the Wells Fargo guy

And um Mr. Wonderful has never thought about it. And I want to cook


If all goes as planned…

If you know me, you’ll be getting some of these  And then some of this  


For Christmas. But not Apricot, and it’ll have a funnier label. I’m canning things for Christmas. I just have too large a family to buy for everyone. Last year they got homemade olive oil and vinegar. This year, pickles and jam.