Between a rock and a hard place

Planning with money and the “future” for 2009

Hey guess what y’all!? You get to be privy to my personal finance goals for 2009. Aren’t you excited??




Oh well. 



~ Put aside at least $6000 for my wedding in October 2010.

~Contribute at least $25 extra per student loan per month

~Source avenues of bringing in at least $150 extra per month

~Fund my E-fund for 6 months worth of expenses (~$7,000 Currently sitting at about 2500$)



~Work out 3 times a week (Currently sitting at a measly once a week) 

~Lose 35lbs

~Start family cookbook for Christmas ’09 by March ’09


Career & THE Future

~ Look at what my options are after my apprenticeship with work has ended

~Sign up to take a class outside of my current industry (Most likely cooking related)



Thats what I have for right now, these are in fact rather loose goals. Most of them revolve around finances as you can tell. 


What are your goals for the upcoming year people?